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I have something of a confession to make:  even though I have been waiting and waiting for this weekend to arrive, I almost don’t want to go. 

Almost.  Not enough that I actually would cancel, you understand. 

It’s just that — oh, I don’t know — there’s a lot of stuff going on this weekend that I’d rather not have to miss.  Why is it there are weeks and weeks of yawning boredom and then everything all happens at once? 

For one thing, my kid’s school fall festival is this weekend.  I can remember as a kid loving the fall festival.  My aunt & uncle lived right across the street from the school and we’d always go over there and park and walk across the street and spend the whole weekend over there.  It was fun.  My cousin and I would have free run of the whole thing, carnival rides and cotton candy and hoky little games, and we’d meet up occasionally with our parents, who were in the bingo hall eating catfish dinners and drinking beer and trying to bingo.  They’d give us more money and off we’d go again.  Of course this was back in the 70’s, when no one gave a second thought to perverts and kidnappers lurking about waiting to snatch up an unchaperoned kid. 

I miss those times. 

Now that we’re the parents in the school my husband and I will be manning the funnel cake booth for a couple of hours on Friday night, while my parents escort Spawn around and dole out money.  And then we’re leaving Spawn with my parents and headed out of town. 

Where are we going, you ask? 

We’re meeting up with some of my cousins and spending the weekend in Chicago.  At our last family reunion, which had all the earmarks of being the LAST one, the cousins decided that if we were going to stay connected we’d have to make more of an effort to get together from time to time.  So this weekend we’ve got tickets to a Cubs game.  At Wrigley.  Which crosses off two of the items on my lifetime to-do list. 

And since I am in something of a confessional mood, I confess this:  I wish I liked baseball more. 

The players’ strike of the mid-90’s sort of soured me on baseball, and I quit following the teams after that.  Prior to 1994 I was all about Bo Jackson and George Brett, and glad I could be tuned in to see the retirement of Brett, who remains one of my husband’s favorite players (and who also shares a birthday with my husband).  And really, the Royals tanked after all the hoohah of the strike, so it was easy to just let my interest in baseball wane.  I got interested to see Sosa and McGwire chase Maris’ record, but once that was accomplished I retired my interest once again. 

Most of what I like about baseball is physically being at a game, anyway.  We’ve gone to a few minor league games over the years and that’s been enjoyable, but with major league teams being several hours away it’s hard to sustain a lot of excitement about baseball. 

And with all that said, I am sort of stoked to be headed to Wrigley.  Beer and peanuts and people and a honest-to-god real baseball game in front of me — what’s not to love? 


— Mox

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