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I come from the dieting philosophy that you can eat what you want just so long as you exercise.  My husband’s thinking on the subject is diametrically opposed, meaning that he finds it necessary to severely restrict what and how much he eats in order to sit around on his butt. 

To me this is no way to live. 

He and I both embarked on a diet of sorts just a little over a week ago.  His diet of sorts is called low-carbing and it is one of those things that he does that makes me crazy.  Because not only do I have to take into consideration what a very picky seven-year-old will eat, I now have to further restrict my dinner preparations to what a very picky 43-year-old will eat.  And since I am no great shakes in the kitchen, my life gets infinitely more complicated during the hours of 5 to 7PM. 

I’ve got to admit that his approach works… for him.  Last week he was boasting that he lost seven pounds.  At that point I hadn’t even weighed myself.  I try to say things like “the number on the scale doesn’t bother me as much as where it’s located on my body” and believe them, but after a while I just decided to go ahead and weigh myself and get it over with. 

Half. a. friggin’. pound. 

Left to my own devices, you understand, I would not cook one whit.  It’s just not worth it.  But I feel like I must at least make an attempt to have a family meal, for Spawn’s sake.  But I know that Spawn can feel my torpor with regard to the domestic arts, and so maybe what that means is that I am teaching the kid how to lie about stuff. 

I am a great human being sometimes, and a great mom. 

None of this changes my philosophy, you understand.  I still eat what I want (mostly) and don’t deny myself.  I go to these ridiculously painful exercise classes and I push myself to walk a couple of miles, and I try to convince myself that I am healthy. 

And just so long as my clothes fit better I try not to worry too much about what the scale says. 


— Mox

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