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So tell me, what do you do when your kid gets up in the morning with a low-grade fever and a headache, and yet doesn’t want to miss school that day because of the book fair? 

If you are me, you fortify the kid with some Motrin, give ’em a Sprite, and take ’em to school. 

And then barely an hour later, the school calls you and tells you to come get your child because they are in the nurse’s office with a fever. 

Then, if you are me, you call your mother and ask her to go get your kid, so you don’t have to leave work and drive aaaaallllll the way back home. 

And then at the end of the day, you spend over an hour in the pediatrician’s office, trying to figure out if the kid has a virus or a sinus infection.  The pediatrician decides on sinus infection, gives you a prescription, and you go on your merry way.  And then what do you do? 

Well, if you are me, you force the kid to do homework because by golly someone is going back to school the next day, come hell or high water, and you don’t want to have to work on double the homework the next night.  And then, because you have a meeting at 6:30, you dump the math/spelling/religion homework on your husband, charge him with getting the kid into the bath, and dash out the door.  Because you missed the meeting last month and you are bound and determined to not miss the meeting twice in a row.  Since you have learned that missing meetings is a surefire way to get yourself volunteered for things. 

In the past seven years I have become rather protective of my personal time and interests, because I know that no one else will be as solicitous of it as I am.  I work really hard at not being the martyr at my house, though sometimes I slip into that role because it’s so easy to do.  Left to his own devices my husband will morph into a slack-jawed blob in front of the television rather than step up to the plate with his own kid.  So I force him into parenting sometimes.  Sue me.

It’s too bad they don’t give out awards for behaving in a selfish manner as a parent, because sometimes I am magnificent


— Mox

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