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The wheels on the bus

I think the time is quickly approaching, when I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy another car. 

When I paid off my car a year ago, there was much happy dancing on my part.  I have not been without a car payment since 1991.  But I finally was able to buy a car that I really wanted and really liked, and so I paid it off rather than trade it in.  And I love my little car. 

But I am getting to the point that I’m not saving anything, because what I’m saving in car payments every month instead is adding up to big repair bills every few months.  So I’m not really getting ahead in saving a few months’ worth of payments, since I’m having to turn around and spend that same amount all in one lump sum. 

I did a quick look through the local classifieds and car dealer websites and wow, I may need to buy a horse instead. 



— Mox

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