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And as you know, Crazy Cat Lady can (and does) bitch about the things that irritate her.  So here goes. 

I’ve mentioned this before, but it really bothers me so I’m mentioning it again: people who congregate around the entrance to a building for a smoke break.  I do not smoke, and I do not wish to smoke.  Therefore I do not wish to inhale your exhale.  Move along.  Go stand out there in the parking lot, as far away from the building as you can get.  I don’t care if there’s no shade out there.  Go.  Go on. 

In a parking garage it’s worse.  Coming back from lunch today, I scored a good spot on the second floor of our parking garage, and as I was getting out of my car, the smell of cigarette smoke was so powerful it about knocked me down.  Sure enough, right at the door to the elevators stood three youngish men, puffing away.  And I had to walk through their midst to get to the elevators to get to my office.  A person can only hold her breath for so long, folks. 

I mean, how ignorant do you have to be to not realize that standing around an entrance-way with your lit cigarette and making other people walk through your second-hand smoke is rude?  Pretty damned ignorant, I’m guessing, so here I am to tell you:  it is rude. 

I have no patience with rude. 

And before anyone comes at me with the words “smokers rights” you’d better consider the basic rights of your fellow citizens, you know the ones who have the right to ingress and egress without being harassed by your rudeness and cigarette smoke.  Don’t even get me started on those unfortunate souls who can’t handle cigarette smoke because of health issues.  Think about other people.  Get the hell away from the door. 

Yeah, it pisses me off.  Can you tell? 



— Mox

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