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I have given birth to a leisurely creature, one who would much rather lie comatose in front of the TV than actually exert any energy.  It’s one of Spawn’s more maddening traits, and one reason I find it thus is that, given the chance to have some free time and left to my own devices I end up on the couch with a bowl of melting ice cream in my lap.  The apple truly does not fall far. 

One thing that is difficult about raising an intense child is the fact that the kid is slow to warm to new experiences.  The first encounter with something different sets off a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth and excuses.  It was that way when the kid took swimming lessons, and it’s happening now with tumbling class.  Given that Spawn did finally learn to swim, I am encouraged; it’s just that these things don’t happen without a lot of pushing on my part.  It’s almost as if the kid expects to do something perfectly the first time and when it doesn’t come easily then declares that it’s not worth doing.  Maddening. 

So I am thinking about finding something to do myself, something that I will struggle with and will need to persevere in order to accomplish.  Starting from scratch, as it were. 

One thing that I have wanted to learn is Italian.  The problem is, I live in podunk and there are no courses taught here for Italian.  If I want to learn German, or Japanese, no problem.   We have German classes here because of the German ancestry of a lot of people here, and we have Japanese offered because we have a Toyota plant not too far from here.  But Italian is something that you just don’t see offered in this area, mostly because Italians are in short supply around here. 

But Italian is such a beautiful language.  I think it would be good for Spawn to see Mom engaged in learning something beautiful just for the sake of learning it. 

Of course it could just cement in the kid’s mind that Mom is off her rocker. 


— Mox

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