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And another thing.

I wish Hollywood would get over their propensity for huge handbags.  Get over it, I say! 

I am not a woman who loves a big purse.  I got over the big purse thing about, oh, seven years ago when I was packing around a huge bag and it was filled with diapers and formula and little teeny clothes.  And it weighed a ton.  And there was no room for my stuff, even though I quit carrying my regular purse at that point because I was starting to resemble a pack mule.  Plus no one was looking at me so it didn’t really matter if I had lipstick on or if my hair was combed. 

This latest trend out of Hollywood has got something to do with the whole baby bump thing.  The stars are making babies fashionable, and all the little accoutrements that go along with them, like the big purses that double as diaper bags or, hey, baby carriers.  And as you know, whatever Hollywood deems stylish ends up at the mall. 

I have been carrying the same smallish, practical purse for the past three years now.  It has finally given out on me, with a hole developing in the bottom of it.  So I have been looking around for a new purse.  My experience has been either the purses are ridiculously small or stupidly huge.  I have bought six purses so far this summer and have taken every single one of them back.  I tend to buy on the small side and the small side is too small, unfortunately.  Must have room for my checkbook. 

The inherent danger of huge purses is that when you have something that big you tend to try and fill it up.  And when you fill it up, it gets pretty heavy.  I learned a long time ago that 1) I didn’t need 3/4 of the stuff I had in my purse and 2) heavy is bad for my back, neck, and shoulders.  A small purse is limiting by its’ very design, and therefore a good thing.  We all need limits. 

I am not a slave to fashion, obviously.  And so the quest continues. 


— Mox

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