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I do believe that I detest school more now than I ever did when I was a student.  And this is even though I realize the value of an education. 

We are now officially one week in, and everything is going along swimmingly.  Thus far.  I am still sort of holding my breath to see what kind of school year we’re in for, though I have quit sucking in my stomach to make it seem flatter. 

It’s a little eery how having a 40-page document spelling out your child’s learning disabilities and social handicaps will effectively change perceptions.  I’m still a little irked that no one would listen to The Mama when she said the same thing as what $800 worth of psychological testing concluded.  But no.  It took someone with the letters P-H-D behind her name to tell the school that Spawn needed alternative methods.  Irksome. 

Right now the biggest issue we’re dealing with is that it takes Spawn more time to dawdle and protest doing homework than it does to do the actual homework.  Other parents confirm their kids are the same way, so at least it’s not just my kid.  Any insight into this strange phenomenon would be most welcome at this juncture.  And some way to motivate my kid to just do the damn work would be a nice bonus. 

— Mox

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