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Last week was like navigating the tenth circle of Hell, but I have arrived on the other side of it mostly unscathed.  And man, I am tired. 

I continue to hold my breath in regards to the new school year.  I have met Spawn’s teacher, Sr. L, and so far I have a good vibe coming from her.  On Friday, she told me that when she asked her students if they knew what a saint was, Spawn piped up with the answer, “students of God.”  Which I think is a pretty deep answer coming from a seven-year-old.  I continue to be amazed at the way my child’s mind works sometimes. 

Tumbling class last week wasn’t much of a success.  I fear that my kid is going to be as unathletic as I am.  We’ve got five more sessions and then we’ll put it behind us, but I at least want my kid to be able to turn a cartwheel. 

As a parent, you’re always trying to find that niche for your child to fit into, that place where they feel comfortable and grounded in their abilities.  You want to guide your kid into the thing or things that they can be passionate about.  I am still searching for that thing for Spawn, trying to help the kid discover talents and interests that can’t be found sitting in front of the TV.  Maybe seven is too young of an age to be talking about passions, but I feel like if I don’t start now, while Spawn still thinks I’m relatively cool, I’ll have lost a lot of ground by the time junior high rolls around.  I want Spawn to have something in life that builds confidence and inspires the kid to look further beyond self, school, friends. 

My husband thinks I’m just a little bit nuts for being so pushy about it, but I have seen so many people, so many bright lights fade and burn out because of a lack of passion in their lives.  My husband’s youngest sister is one of those people.  When I met her she was a cute ten-year-old who loved to ice skate.  As a young adult she found she had a talent for photography, which I wish she would have pursued, even as a hobby.  But because she was a late-life baby, her parents just sort of fizzled out on raising her, and the decisions she made in her life pretty well closed the door on a lot of opportunities she had.  I look at the whole scenario as something of a precautionary tale. 

A lot of the time I’m asking myself if I’m doing the right thing with Spawn.  I guess only time will tell. 



— Mox

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