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Dear readers, I am seeking your learned opinions. 

Yesterday I went to the dentist to try and find out why my teeth hurt, particularly on the top right side when I brush my teeth.  The short, easy answer for at least part of that question is that all the years of brushing my teeth have worn my gums down a bit and making the roots of my teeth more sensitive.  So my dentist recommended I get an electric toothbrush.  Great.  One more damn thing I’ve got to keep up with in life.  I was doing well to change my toothbrush every six months. 

The other, less easy answer for the rest of that question is that my general tooth sensitivity is a mystery.  After quizzing me a bit on my general health, my dentist suggested that the cause of it is neurological… which could mean that it’s all in my head.  Or, it could be something to do with the neck-snapping accident I was involved in about four months ago.  (A car traveling at 5mph backing into a concrete post will indeed snap your head back.  You wouldn’t think so but it’s true.)  I get headaches off and on and my neck tends to crack every once in a while, but it’s not been anything too serious.  I’ve been to the massage therapist a few times and that has helped tremendously. 

The question now is, do I go to a chiropractor? 

I have friends who swear by their chiro, and I’ve heard from people who think chiropractic medicine is quackery.  My health insurance will pay for a visit, so that at least legitimizes it for me.  But if I start going to a chiropractor and they start cracking around on me, is it something I’m going to need to keep up with?  Because I am not looking to add anything else to my life.  Or will it, as it has been suggested to me, mess me up? 

I just want for my teeth to stop being so freakin’ sensitive.  It’s making me irritable. 

I’m taking my problem and laying it on the doorstep of the Internet, because it seems to be the logical thing to do.  But you can only diagnose so much with Google.  So readers, what say ye?  Do I go to a chiro or not? 

All advice and opinions are welcome. 


— Mox

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