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I sat down yesterday and wrote down my schedule for the week, and folks, I am going to be one busy mama this week. 

School starts tomorrow.  I have tried to stop the clock but have not been successful.  Packing lunches and washing uniforms and making lunches will now commence. 

Tomorrow I get to go see my dentist and see if he can get to the bottom of why my teeth hurt, all the time.  I suspect I am grinding my teeth at night.  Could it be that I am tense?  Hmmm. 

Wednesday I get to breathe. 

Thursday is volunteer orientation for Spawn’s school.  Then after school is Spawn’s first tumbling class, which the kid is not particularly interested in doing.  Sometimes Mama makes the kid do things that are uncomfortable.  Then I have a series of meetings and receptions that evening. 

This weekend is the folklife festival, of which which I am co-chair.  So Friday and Saturday I am laboring in the heat and humidity. 

If I can just get through the week without a major meltdown, illness, freakout, or other tragedy, I foresee a few weeks of smooth sailing. 

If I’m absent from these parts some this week, you understand.  Yes? 


— Mox

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