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I am a cat person.  I can not, will not, and do not apologize for that. 

There is something right and necessary about waiting until you’re 40 to make your Bucket List

Children need to be loved, not managed. 

I have developed a sense of humor about myself. 

If you’re looking for my family, we’re most likely in the bar.

I can no longer shotgun beer. 

As much as I like beer and bar food, I am no longer able to consume either within an hour of my bedtime. 

My bedtime comes a lot earlier than it used to. 

I am officially the tallest of my female relatives.  This fact is oddly satisfying to me. 

Black-and-white family photos are the best. 

My oldest cousin, M, looked a lot like Charlie Brown when he was a toddler. 

I have lost my nerve.  This fact does not bother me as much as I thought it would. 

Family secrets are the only secrets really worth knowing.  Or keeping. 

You have to allot a certain amount of room in the car for golf clubs.  And a cooler. 

Skunks are best viewed from a safe distance. 

Groundhogs and raccoons will eat anything. 

To the uninitiated, my family can be an overwhelming experience. 

A full size hotel room bed is not long enough for me. 

If a full buffet breakfast is available, I will actually eat breakfast. 

Long car trips are shorter if your kid is riding with the grandparents. 

I would do it all again. 


— Mox


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