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Greetings, Mox fans. 

I have returned from the wilds of Bumfuck, Ohio, sunburned, sore, and exhausted, after several pleasurable days reunioning with my family.  I suppose that if I had to see them day in/day out, they’d really irritate me, but as it stands I only see them every other year and I love each and every one of them, even the really painful ones. 

The cousin who has helmed the reunion process all these years decided that it was time to hang up her clipboard, which means that this was likely our last reunion.  Getting my family all together is a Herculean task, since 1) we’re spread out all over the country and 2) there is no shortage of opinions as to how it should be done.  When you come from a family that is Always Right, about everything, anything you go to do can seem like a thankless job.  The fact that my cousin has done the planning for the past 17-ish years despite the warring opinions of many is a testament to the fact that she is as stubborn as the rest of us. 

I had been feeling adrift in the weeks leading up to this reunion, and after four days with the people in my gene pool, I am feeling more like myself than before.  There is something about your family, if your family is worth its’ salt, that grounds you.  As diverse as we all are, my family is part and parcel of who I am, and I think I needed to get in touch with that fact again. 

The hard part will be trying to hold on to how I feel after my refresher course, once the reality of my daily existence settles back in. 

School starts in exactly one week. 


— Mox

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