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Every year at Christmastime, I take my meager Christmas Club account money and attempt to fashion an entire holiday from it.  But now that Spawn is older the gifts are more expensive, and indeed all things are more expensive.  Because of that I end up spending over and above what my savings are.  And every year I make the promise to myself that I will contribute more money to my Christmas Club account so that I’ll have more money to spend on gifts. 

Every year I fail. 

I check my bank balance online quite a bit, since that’s often the best way to keep the wolf from the door.  On my chart of accounts I have watched my Christmas Club account grow ever so slowly.  The bank usually issues the account checks every October.  Meaning, I’ve got about 10 weeks to make good on my promise to add more to the account. 

I doubt I’ll do it.  It’s a nice idea, though. 


— Mox

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