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Gravitational pull

Okay, so yesterday’s post got some attention from those who are in favor of flying.  I do think that it’s something that either you have the hots for or not.  I’m camped out in the “not” category. 

I’m of the notion that a little dab’ll do ya when it comes to knowing about things like airplanes.  In the years that I have been up flying around with other pilots, I’ve been content to let them do their thing while I just sit there and enjoy the cornfields passing below me.  Always reminds me of corduroy.  But as far as the mechanics of flying are concerned, leave me out of it. 

I’ve been along for the ride, so to speak, on my husband’s quest for a pilot’s license.  I’ve read the magazines, I’ve looked through the manuals.  I’ve listened as he’s explained things to me.  I’ve even gone out to the airport with him to look at planes for sale.  (Left my checkbook in the car on that one.) 

I’m a fairly simple gal.  I’m not much one for cars, either, even though I have a hotrodder for a dad.  (He’ll wax nostalgic on a ’49 Merc every time you give him the chance.)  As a Point-A-to-Point-B conveyance, my main concern is does the radio work.  Though here lately I’ve become more concerned with MPGs than I ever thought I would. 

But yeah.  I get it.  I get that my husband’s passion, in addition to golf and the NFL, is flying.  I just don’t ever foresee it being a shared passion.  I don’t care too awful much about golf or the NFL, either. 

I guess it’s yet another example of how opposites attract. 



— Mox


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