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I try to have some sense.

Those who know me, know that I have a best friend who is in a bad marriage.  And I have tried and tried to see things from her vantage point, but the long and the short of it is, it’s a bad marriage and she needs to get out. 

Things came to a head last night for her.  It is a long, torturous story but the basic thing about it is it’s come to a head. 

Her husband has decided that he wants to leave the country.  And he’s laid down an ultimatum — either she stays here or she goes with him. 

Every fiber of my being is screaming that she needs to stay here and let him go.  They are not good for one another, they make one another miserable. 

But there is that fear of the unknown.  What will she do without him there?  Who is she if she is not his wife? 

I realize it’s a scary idea. 

She hasn’t asked my opinion, partly because she already knows what it is.  So I am trying to be a supportive friend. 

I pray and I pray and I pray that she does the right thing. 


— Mox


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