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Em-brace-ing my face.

Well, folks, apparently my adolescence is not over yet. 

I need braces.  Again. 

25 years after I got my braces off the first time around, my dentist informed me that my teeth are once again on the move and if I wanted to stop their progress, I needed to get braces again. 

Suddenly I was having flashbacks to a mouth full of metal, feeling unattractive to boys, and the general pain and embarrassment that are part and parcel of having braces.  When I say things like “you could not pay me enough to go back to being a teenager again” this is precisely the kind of thing that I am talking about.  It was emotionally painful (says my inner teen drama queen) and I do not want to go through any of that again. 

But this is how things change over the generations:  Spawn’s dentist has already told us that the kid will need braces at some point, and for Spawn, braces are cool.  The cool kids have them.  Of course I realize that the kid’s opinion of them may change once puberty kicks in, but right now it seems like a good idea in theory. 

As for me, I can’t let go of my vanity.  Then again, I also realize that if my front teeth keep up their glacial progress, I will end up looking exactly like my mother.  So there’s that. 

Stay tuned. 

— Mox

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