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Hey y’all, guess what…. I got my hair all cut back off. 

This fact should not surprise anyone who knows me, even remotely.  I just cannot do the long(er) hair. 

Man, I tried.  I really tried.  But the thing is, I have this head of very thick hair.  I try not to complain about my blessings, and I realize that having a lot of hair is something of a blessing, but there is also a very fine line between being blessed and being cursed. 

I took a few downloaded photos to my stylist and said “give me this hair”

and she did.  She actually cut my hair with a razor.  It was very cool.  (Note:  I do not look anything remotely like Ashley Judd, but thanks anyway.) 

And I am very cool.  Literally.  I think she took a pound of hair off my head. 

Hey, I think that counts as losing weight.  I’ll take it. 

— Mox


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