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Over the long weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with my husband’s family, during a cookout at his oldest sister’s house.  My in-laws are good people, on the whole, though I don’t always feel like we are of the same ilk. 

My sister-in-law has four children, ranging from in age from 21 to 9.  The 21 year old has turned into a wonderful young man, though there were times in his young childhood that I wanted to drown him.  If I felt that way as a result of the brief time I spent around him in those years, I can only imagine what his mother must have felt.  But waiting them out is its’ own reward, I suppose. 

The second son is now 15.  Fifteen year old boys are not finished baking, in my opinion, which would account for their half-baked thinking on most subjects.  Fifteen year old boys sort of realize that they know nothing about women, but manage to cover it up with a healthy dose of braggadocio.  Fifteen year old girls, in response, giggle. 

The fifteen year old had a few friends in attendance, and they are all of the same baggy-pantsed, hat-cocked-sideways breed that seems to populate the malls and sidewalks of America these days.  Now, I remember being 15, and I’m sure that boys when I was 15 were every bit as clueless as they are now, but one thing I don’t understand is the way these kids dress nowadays.  On the Fourth of July, which is just about as hot of a day as any during the summer, my 15 year old nephew was wearing two pairs of pants and two shirts.  I guess technically one of the two pairs of pants couldn’t be counted as being “worn,” per se, since they were hanging off his ass the whole day. 

I have a photograph of my dad’s family sometime in the late 1930’s and in that photo one of my uncles is wearing two pairs of pants.  I think he was about 15 at the time.  Coincidence?  Yes.  My uncle wore two pairs of pants because both pairs had holes in them, in different places.  Wearing both was the best way to cover up areas that should not be exposed to the sensible public. 

Fifteen year old boys wearing two pairs of pants these days aren’t poor, they’re just stupid. 

One of my nephew’s equally astute young friends was, on this very same hot Fourth of July day, wearing an outfit that was entirely black.  He was only wearing one pair of pants, that I could tell, but they, too, appeared to be hanging off his ass.  And an oversized black tee shirt.  And a really ridiculous-looking black trucker hat, turned slightly sideways.  And when you’re 100 pounds soaking wet, and black is a slimming color, and you have a zit farm on your face, you, my friend, look sick.  And I don’t mean “sick” in a good way.  Since “sick” is apparently one of those opposite-meaning words that teenagers bandy about. 

I can only hope that someday these kids will look back on their fifteen year old selves and realize just how ridiculous they looked. 



— Mox

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