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Gateway drug

My mother has been a catalog shopper for years and years.  And of course when you order one thing from one catalog, that triggers a dozen other places to send you their catalogs, and it snowballs from there.  You wouldn’t believe the mail my parents get.  My dad had to install a bigger mailbox to handle all of the catalogs my mother receives. 

One thing my mother hasn’t embraced is Internet shopping.  It’s unreal to her.  She can’t hold the Internet in her hand and flip through its’ pages while she’s sitting in the doctor’s office.  She can’t mark a page with a sticky note and show it to me later.  The Internet and its’ shopping are fantastical, unbelievable. 

I, on the other hand, would rather shop the Internet than a catalog any day.  Mostly this is because I know what it is that I’m looking for, and I’m not just browsing around hoping something I just can’t live without will catch my eye.  And sometimes, the Internet is the only place to find a particular thing. 

But my mother is on the verge.  She has found a rug that she wants, and of course this is a pattern that has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  Her usual sources can’t get the rug for her, so she’s done the only other thing she can figure to do — search the internet.  She’s found a source, and she’s ready to buy, but she’s still not sure.  So now she’s got me on the case, checking to see that this is a reputable company before she gives them her credit card number. 

If she actually succeeds in ordering something online, it could be the tip of the iceberg. 


— Mox


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