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I think there comes a point in every blogger’s life where they have absolutely nothing to say.  This point comes around periodically for most, and right now it has come for me.  I am empty. 

Obviously this is so if I am cat blogging. 

Part of this is due to the fact that this week I am operating at 100rpm and have had no time to think about anything.  I’m just reacting right now. 

So you’ll forgive me, yes?  If I am inane and wordless? 

Oh!  One thing that’s interesting to me, in a Six Degrees kind of way.  One of the blogs I read, the authors of which I do not know, had a post mentioning the name of a man I know.  Which is a little weird, considering that I don’t particularly agree with all of the politics espoused on the blog, and I’m not too sure I agree with this particular guy’s politics (in particular) but it is so funny and weird to me that they mention him, highlight his name, and I know exactly who they’re talking about, personally.  I just talked with his mother two weeks ago, as a matter of fact. 

Small world, isn’t it? 

So that’s what I’ve managed to pluck out of the flotsam and jetsam of my brain soup.  Thus endeth another post. 


— Mox

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