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Against my better judgement and contrary to my formal decree of “no more cats,” we have now become a seven-cat household. 

teh cute

Tiger is a itteh bitteh kitteh.  We have been enraptured by teh cute. 

I am not 100% sure if Tiger will be an indoor, outdoor, or indoor-outdoor cat.  So far she has been indoors because Spawn cannot bear the thought of such a tiny thing trying to cope in such a great big world.  There are dogs, and there are larger, jealous cats, and there are cars and fishponds and all manner of hazards.  It simply will not do to make such a teeny baby face those alone. 

Consequently, Tiger spent a large portion of yesterday afternoon sacked out on Spawn’s bed. 

I have, however, insisted that Tiger spend her evenings locked in our shed.  Once our senior feline died three years ago my husband and I decided that there would be no more sleeping with cats.  The other two that we have indoors are banished to the basement every evening, where they are left to their own devices during the overnight hours.  Mostly they sleep, because during the day the eighteen hours of naps they get isn’t quite enough to do the trick.  The 1% of the time they’re awake they keep the cricket population down. 

Tiger still needs to learn the rules of the household, though so far she has been rather well-mannered.  She understands the purpose of the litter box, and impressed me by being able to hold it until she was put outside to go potty.  (Right now I am voting for indoor-outdoor status, so I am training her to potty outside as much as possible.)  Then again, she did have an accident inside and I made Spawn clean it up, because if the kid wants a kitten, the kid has to take responsibility for the kitten.  The resultant gross-out that the kid experienced leads me to believe that my husband and I are off the hook for veterinarian school. 

My husband and I have tried to be firm about this kitten, to say that we really don’t need another cat.  But we have failed, and miserably.  Because how can a reasonable human being deny a fluffball that skitters along behind you from room to room? 

We obviously need our heads examined. 


— Mox


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