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I am starting to hyperventilate a little bit over money these days. 

When it takes over $40 to full up my little bitty car, and my weekly grocery budget brings home fewer items, and I’ve got bills coming out my ass, well, I can’t seem to enjoy life too much. 

I’ve started back on shopping with coupons here lately.  Not that I can tell a whole lot of difference in my bottom line at the checkout, but a dollar saved is a dollar saved. 

I recently became aware that people pronounce the word “coupon” in different ways. 

Most everyone around me says “kyew-pon” and I guess that’s just how it’s said in the backwoods where I live.  Two very distinct and drawn-out syllables, gotta love living in the South.  But I’ve also heard that some people pronounce it “coop-un” and yet others say it just how it’s spelled, “coo-pon.” 

What does it say about me that I distract myself with the vagaries of linguistics? 

— Mox

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