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Ah, Craigslist. 

About a month ago, I put up a post on my local Craigslist to offer free garden plants to whoever was willing to come to my house and get them.  My friends and family have all filled their gardens with my castoffs (black-eyed susans are truly the gift that keeps on giving) and my continued giving is starting to border on abuse. 

I’ve had several inquiries, and only one person has actually shown up to get plants.  But I’m now at the point that my beds are happily thinned (thanks to a friend who just can’t tell me no), so I’m deleting my Craigslist ad.

And just in time too, because the crazies have started to come out of the woodwork. 

I got an email the other day from that ad, with one question:  “Are you the same sicko that put up the satanic goat statues??”  (Verbatim.) 

Um.  No. 

I didn’t reply to it but boy I was tempted. 

You get an email like that and a lot of different thoughts run through your head.  Or at least they did through mine.  At first I was mildly offended.  And then I got to wondering just what a “satanic goat statue” looks like.  I almost replied to see if this person had photos of the said statues, because I’m not quite too sure how you can make a goat look satanic.  I mean, more than it already does. 

In the end I decided it would probably be best to not bull-bait this person, as I have quite enough drama in my life without inviting more to the party. 

But I now will be on the lookout for satanic goat statues. 


— Mox

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