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  1. April 29, 2008, the temperature at 5:30am was 37°.  This is unacceptable. 
  2. Lots of political ads on our local media right now.  The one that is currently getting my goat is one from Hillary Clinton, talking about gas prices and what she plans to do about it.  The ad says “Hillary gets it.”  Bullshit she gets it.  Until I can realistically picture her driving a minivan and gassing up her own vehicle and fretting over gas prices because it’s hitting her own pocket, then I’m not convinced that she “gets it.”  Come walk a mile in my moccasins, Hil. 
  3. Miley Cyrus’ photos in Vanity Fair.  She’s said she’s embarrassed, that the photo and article didn’t turn out as she was led to believe.  Well, my thought on that is Vanity Fair + Annie Lebovitz = what the hell else did you expect?  If I did not have a 7 year old kid who thinks Hannah Montana is the bomb it probably wouldn’t bother me nearly as much, BUT even though Spawn will never see the photo in question, it gives me pause.  Maybe I’m just being a prude. 
  4. And while we’re on that subject let me just go on record here for saying that the Bratz dolls are equally a bad idea.  And I’m one of those little girls in the 70’s who had the Barbies with the gazonga boobs.  Barbie might have had unrealistic proportions back then, but at least she didn’t look tarted up. 
  5. Speaking of gas prices, I heard on the radio this morning that analysts are predicting that gas could go as high as $7 to $10 per gallon this summer.  Maybe I’m just being a spoiled American but WTF?  It’s costing me $40 to fill up my mini-SUV (which actually gets good gas mileage) every week, and we might be looking at doubling that this summer?  I predict that I will be quite fit from walking or biking everywhere except to those places where I need my car. 
  6. I am on the committee for our summer music festival, and de facto chair for one portion of it, and am getting no cooperation from the other members of my subcommittee.  I know everyone is busy, but at least acknowledge my emails for Pete’s sake.  This stuff doesn’t just create itself, you know. 
  7. My kid’s school has a summer camp program, and I am trying to get some information about what it will entail this summer so I can make arrangements.  We had a bad experience with Y Camp last year, so I’m weighing my options.  Without knowing what will be going on at Spawn’s school camp, it’s hard to make that decision right now, and we’re closing in on four weeks left in the school year.  I just want the school to pull their heads out of their collective ass and tell me what plans they have for the summer.  If the kids are going to be hanging out in the school gym/playground all summer then I need to find something else for Spawn to do. 
  8. I woke up this morning with zits on my chin.  Someone needs to let my skin know that I am now 40 years old and SO OVER the acne thing. 

Yes, I am snappish today. 


— Mox

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