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I put an ad up on our local Cragislist for free garden plants — I’m thinning my beds and hate to throw out perfectly good plants — and am supposed to meet someone at my house this morning to dig and divide.  The guy said he’s putting in a garden for his parents, so either he’s a really sweet young man, or he’s going to eat my liver with fava beans and a nice chianti.  It’s hard to tell on the Internet. 

Ordinarily I don’t do this sort of thing but my altruistic nature (small and undeveloped as it is) got the better of me and besides, my friends and family are overrun with my garden castoffs. 

If this guy is a freak-o, and he throws me in his car trunk, well, it’s been nice to know you.  And dammit, I won’t be able to fulfill my commitment to post every day this month. 




— Mox

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