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I’ve just sent off registration for Spawn’s very first sleepover camp.  Granted, it’s only an overnight camp, but it’s still a camp.  Far away from me. 

Spawn has been having sleepovers for a while now, but all of them have taken place at my parents’ house.  This will be a brand-new experience for both of us.  Spawn is excited beyond all reason.  Ol’ mom, though, is having a bit of a rough time even processing this. 

We’ve been reeling out the line for a while now, letting the kid have some independence and freedom… within earshot.  And it’s nice to not have to have my eyes trained on the kid every minute of every day.  As long as we can hear the kids yelling at one another across the backyards, we don’t worry too much.  It’s when it gets quiet that we start to get concerned. 

Still, to have Spawn go away for an overnight camp, that’s something else entirely.  I want for the kid for be independent and confident in that independence.  I just didn’t quite realize that the process would begin so soon. 


— Mox

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