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Looky here.  I put up a post yesterday about how I had nothing to talk about and that very same day a topic crawled right up to me. 

Namely, we have ants. 

Growing up in the country, I’m accustomed to the various seasons.  There’s spider season (in the fall), mouse season (in the winter), birds building nests right over your front door season (spring), and wasp season (summer).  Ants are yet another seasonal scourge, mostly in concert with wet seasons, no matter what time of year it is.  And it’s been wet, no doubt. 

Mostly I see ants in Spawn’s bathroom, which puzzles me, since there’s really nothing to attract them there.  It freaks Spawn out, the same kid who is fascinated with bugs and animals of all sorts, to be taking a bath and see an ant crawling up the tile.  Usually we see them in the spring when it’s rainy and then they go away. 

But it’s been so wet for so long that not only are we seeing them in Spawn’s bathroom, but now they’ve entered the rest of the house.  I’ve found them in our bathroom, in the breezeway/sunroom, and in the kitchen.  And they’re the little, tiny sugar ants, so I’m really having to be careful about how accessible the food is. 

And I can’t find where they’re getting in.  If I could figure it out I’d stop them from coming in, seal up the entrance.  So instead I’m setting out bait to try and annihilate the colony.  Because, ew.  Seeing all these ants makes me feel like my house isn’t very clean. 

Years ago, when we had more discretionary income, we had someone come and treat the house for pests once a month.  Mainly this was my husband’s decision, because he (big manly man that he is) is afraid of spiders.  But money being what it is these days (which is to say, sparse), we’ve reverted to more old-fashioned means of insect control, namely, squashing them with a shoe.  Or I should say, he sounds the alarm and it’s my job to come running and remove the offending bug, usually a spider.  But the ants, there are just too many of them.  Sometimes I fear a Gulliver’s Travels-type scene, where we wake one morning to find the little buggers have us tied down. 

Maybe I should get a pet anteater.  A small one



— Mox



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