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Him:  We probably should rethink how much we go out to eat. 

Me:  Yeah, we need not to spend so much. 

Him:  Just on Friday nights.  And we need to try to find cheaper places to eat. 

Me:  And we need to stick closer to home.  We live in town, we could walk, or ride our bikes. 

Him:  Right.  Like the Mexican place, it’s not too expensive.  If we don’t drink margaritas, that is. 

Me: …. Wait.  What? 

Him:  ….

Me:  Well, we could switch to beer. 

Him:  Yeah, we need to see what places have the cheapest beer. 

Me:  Or switch back to drinking Keystone, like we did in college. 

Him:  ….

Me:  God, I can’t believe we’re having this conversation. 




— Mox

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