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Dear April, you bitch; 

Seriously.  Four inches of rain in one night is a little overkill, don’t you think?  When you do things like that, people like my husband lose sleep.  Why?  Because he gets up every half hour and checks to see if you’ve flooded the basement. 

And you did.  Maybe you thought you were being “nice” to us by not giving us 24″ of sewer backup in the basement (as your sister June has in the past), but even half an inch in the basement means that someone has to hose off the floor when it’s all over with. 

That someone, today, is me.  While it’s true that I had planned to spend part of my day in the basement today, the plan called for me hauling junk up out of there to take to St. Vincent de Paul.  But walking around in a skim of sewer goo means that whatever gets on the bottom of my shoes makes it upstairs.  And then I have to clean up what gets tracked upstairs. 

Now April, I know you’re not much one for cleaning up.  You do a pretty good job of covering your messes with spring flowers and the like.  But cleaning?  Feh.  If you had to clean up your mess once in a while maybe you wouldn’t do it so often.  But since I can’t make you clean up after yourself I’ll just have to settle for bitching at you about it. 

I don’t like it any better than you do.  But really, the only way around that is for you to change.  And I don’t see that happening. 

— Mox

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