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Today is the first day of spring. 

Of course that means I had to get out and scrape the ice off my windshield this morning.  Y’know, the usual. 

Easter is this weekend. 

Which means I can go back to drinking cappucinos and rum & cokes, since I gave up caffienated beverages for Lent.  The things that make life more bearable sometimes. 

The sun came out this morning. 

Which means that the 7 inches of rain we got this week can start to drain away and dry up.  Though I don’t know how we’ll hunt Easter eggs on Sunday with the puddles and mud about. 

There’s a sale at Macy’s. 

Which means I can buy new shoes.  I love new shoes.  I’m in the mood to go shopping, anyway.  I am so very tired of my winter clothes. 

Yessirree, things are looking up. 

— Mox

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