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Well, with the initial meeting with the psychologist behind me, I (not surprisingly) slept quite well last night.  Oh, how I love my dreamless nights.  I understand why depressed people sometimes sleep and sleep and sleep… it’s an escape. 

At the crack of dark this morning I learned that school had been cancelled yet again due to weather.  Except this time it’s not snow, it’s rain.  What are we doing?  Playing baseball?  They call school off because of rain?  Puh-leese.  And this is where I slip into my old geezer suit, because back when I was a kid they did not call off school because of rain.  Now mind you, we had over six inches of rain yesterday.  I mean, the rain just did not stop all day.  Creeks are overflowing, the river is up, and streets and roads are flooded.  So the buses can’t pick up kids in the far reaches.  Know what?  When I was a kid the onus was on the parents to get the kids to school when the bus couldn’t get down their road.  And that was pretty often out in the boonies where I lived. 

So anyway, the namby-pamby school corporation in my yokel town cancelled school due to rain, which means that our private school is cancelled too because we use the school corporation’s buses.  Which means that the onus was on me, the parent, to deliver my kid to my parents’ house out in the boonies, over the river and through the woods, flooded roads, so I could turn around and go to work. 

It would have been much simpler to have school today. 

But no one asked me. 

In other news, my New Years’ Non-resolution to say “no” more is being tested.  I am easing out of the church board I’m on after this year of service, that much I have decided.  I am, however, still on a committee for a music festival and am in the unenviable position of de facto subcommittee chair.  Still deciding on whether to disentangle myself from that.  I remain committed, however, until the music festival is over with this year, since I’ve been on the committee for a couple of years now and we have some new people on board.  We’ll see which ones step up to the plate on this, and hopefully we’ll have one or two willing to work on my subcommittee.  But last night I got word that I’m on a short list to serve on a board of directors for a local fine arts academy.  And my resolve to say no is really being tested on this because I am truly interested.  Something’s going to have to give. 

I have to wonder about this path I’m on, folks.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is that my life appears to be meandering along, but in fact the things that happen along the way are all part of a life lesson.  I guess depending on your own personal view of God (or lack thereof, your call to make) it’s a guiding hand of sorts.  I say “yes” to a lot of things and I get myself into a lot of predicaments, and after the fact I can see the lesson I was supposed to learn.  If I actually learned it or not sometimes remains to be seen. 

Well, hell, I guess that means I’m growing as a person.  Right? 

— Mox

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