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We all have them.  And here I am to tell you about one of mine. 

I am afraid of falling down my basement stairs and breaking something.  Something like an arm or leg or ankle.  Or my neck. 

It’s not that I’m unsteady on my feet.  It’s that sometimes my feet don’t cooperate with me.  I’ve been known to trip just walking across the carpet. 

Oh, and I also have cats.  Cats, as you may know, tend to want to be right in the way when you’re walking.  Like, say, when you’re going downstairs with a loaded laundry basket or an 18lb. bag of cat food.  And a stepped-on cat sounds like a stepped-on cat.  So add a heart attack to this equation. 

I’ve tripped up the steps too, when I haven’t picked my feet up high enough to clear the next riser.  That’s always graceful. 

I have never broken a bone in all my 40 years on this earth, so I feel sure that when I finally do, it will be in spectacular fashion.  And it also might kill me. 

I’m finding myself gripping the banister railing a bit more these days.  God, I must be getting old, taking precautions like that. 

I dunno.  Maybe it’s not much of an irrational fear, exactly.  Maybe it’s not the fear that’s irrational, maybe it’s just me. 

— Mox

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