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A couple of years ago for Christmas my mother bought me the complete set of Calvin & Hobbes cartoons.  I love Calvin & Hobbes.  There’s just something about that little guy’s world that reminds me of what it’s like to be a kid. 

I’ve been reading the set and chuckling a bit over it, but also I’m starting to really identify with Calvin’s poor mother.  Because, really, some of what happens in those cartoons is so eerily like the things that go on in our household. 

A while back I asked my (three) readers what gender they thought Spawn was, and the responses I got were about half right.  (I am not saying which half is right.  You’ll just have to keep on assuming whatever it is you assume.)  And it occurs to me that their vision of my kid might just come from the funny papers. 

Truth be told, I enjoy a lot of Spawn’s little quirks, because at least with them there’s never a dull moment in our house. 

Recently, a woman I know gave an assessment of a family she’s familiar with, thus:  “They parent through medication because they have no parenting skills.”  And it sort of hit me at my core because in the back of my mind I am preparing myself to hear “Spawn needs medication.”  And I wonder, am I lacking on the parenting skills?  Is this why Spawn is so damn difficult to manage?  To me it was a blow, a condemnation of people who choose to medicate their kids, who might end up being me someday. 

I am being far too sensitive about this right now.  I know that. 

I found a cartoon online the other day that sort of hit home with me with regard to how I perceive medication.  Someone took liberties with my little buddy Calvin, and it sort of bothers me down in my core.  Not because of the liberties, but because of the damnation of medication.  It is what I am afraid of, that medication will alter who Spawn is. 


I’m in kind of a bad place with all of this right now, and I can’t step back from it.  But I have to do the heavy lifting now so that I will be prepared later. 

— Mox

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