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I had a perfectly lovely evening last night. 

As any wife and mom will tell you, time to yourself is a precious commodity.  And because it’s so rare you savor it when it comes around. 

Last night was a savory moment for Mox. 

The winter storm we were predicted to get turned out to actually be a real, genuine winter storm.  They let school out early so my mom went to pick up Spawn, and since it was most assuredly going to close school for today, she went ahead and took Spawn home with her to spend the night.  My husband is out of town doing some training, and even though he’s only an hour away he decided that it would be better and safer to just stay where he was so he could continue the training today. 

Which means….

I had the house to myself last night. 

Oh, glory of glories! 

I fixed myself a nice dinner, which I ate in front of the TV on my white couch (like I don’t allow anyone else to do), and I watched a cheesy movie on Oxygen.  Made some phone calls, sent some emails, did a little searching online for a new haircut.  Gave myself a facial and took a long hot shower.  And I did all of these things without an eye to the clock. 

I think that’s the thing that bothers me most about my regular role as wife and mom:  the having to keep an eye on the clock. 

You know how it is.  Dinner by a certain time, kids in the tub by a certain time, everyone in bed by a certain time.  And if there’s only one person policing it, that person turns into something of a drill sergeant.  I don’t relish that job. 

Unstructured time to one’s self is a gift from above, and when I get it I make the most of it. 

— Mox

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