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As I sit here typing this, there are snowflakes swirling around outside my window.  Depending on where you live around here, the weather forecasters are calling for anywhere from an inch of snow to ten inches of snow. 

As a parent and businessperson, I cringe. 

We don’t generally get big snows in this neck of the woods, just little dustings from time to time.  Mostly, winter around here is overcast, gloomy, cold, and rainy.  Three months of that will wear on your nerves, let me tell you.  So anytime we get weather that’s a little out of the ordinary, people around here tend to freak out a little. 

To wit:  this morning on my way in to work, with snow just barely spitting on my windshield, I heard on the radio that a neighboring county had already canceled school for today.  My reaction was wtf? because it’s not supposed to get good and snowy until this evening.  Heck, over in that county it’s all farm ground anyway, don’t these kids know how to drive a tractor? 

I’m already preparing for Spawn to be out of school tomorrow.  Our immediate area is predicted to get one to three inches, which will be enough to keep the school buses off the roads around here.  I’m supposed to be off from work tomorrow anyway, so that’s no big deal for me, but I had some things planned to do that I just can’t do with Spawn underfoot. 

Since it’s Catholic Schools Week and they’ve pretty much been partying all week at school, I hate for the kid to miss a day.  They don’t get to do this kind of thing very often.  But if we get three inches of snow it’s a given they will cancel school tomorrow. 

The practical adult side of me is hoping that we don’t get the snow and life will go on as usual tomorrow.  But there is a kid-sized part of me that’s a little bit excited about the! possibility! of! snow!  I mean, I hate winter, but I also can appreciate the beauty of a fresh snowfall.  You know, just so long as I don’t have to get out and drive around in it. 

EDITED TO ADD:  just got word that they’re letting school out at 12:30 here today, in advance of this “big, bad storm.”  Give me a frickin’ break

— Mox

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