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I am bored.  Bored with my life, bored with my haircut, bored with what’s in my closet, bored with the furniture in my house, bored with the daily routine. 

It is not good to be bored with so many elements of your life, especially in the dead of winter.  Changes beg to be made. 

Changes have a way of becoming expensive, though. 

So, what to change?  What to change? 

Obviously the easiest, fastest, and cheapest change I can make is right here on this blog.  Because I am all about cheap instant gratification. 

If you arrived here expecting the same ol’ seven and six, well then, I guess this was something of a nice surprise for you today. 

I thought maybe the black was a touch moody.  Thought maybe I needed to lighten up a bit. 

No worries, though.  What won’t be changing is my propensity for bitching about stupid stuff in my life.  Gotta have some consistency. 

Tonight is Spawn’s sleepover party.  I suspect that “boredom” is not a word that will enter my lexicon after six p.m. today. 

— Mox

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