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Today is Spawn’s 7th birthday. 

When I think of what I was doing 7 years ago today, what I feel is a profound relief that I will never have to go through that again. 

What I didn’t realize at the time 7 years ago is that I gave birth to a force of nature. 

Today I went to Spawn’s classroom with two dozen chocolate cupcakes for snacktime.  When I offered one to one of Spawn’s classmates, the boy said — and I quote — “I think I’ll just eat my snack I brought from home.  I don’t like chocolate.” 

Come again? 

Don’t… like… chocolate…? 

My mother is fond of reminding me that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go ’round.  I just didn’t realize that some of those people are seven years old and don’t like chocolate. 

What is this world coming to? 

— Mox

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