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In a word, the trip was wonderful. 

Wonderful in that I had four beautiful, warm, sunny, boozy days in which there was no homework to fight over, no lunches to pack, no laundry to do. 

Wonderful in that I got to sleep until I woke up. 

Wonderful in that I read an entire book, cover to cover, beside the pool, in four days. 

Wonderful in that the hotel staff waited on me hand and foot, bringing me frosty libations, cold face towels, frozen grapes, and anything else I desired. 

I had Staff.  Staff who made the bed, picked up the wet towels off the floor, and left chocolates on my pillow every night. 

Truly, I was among My People. 

I came home convinced that I was born to the wrong station in life. 

Of course, if I were to assume my place among my people, I would have to lose 40 pounds, get some huge sunglasses, a pair of Jimmy Choos, and a yappy little dog.  I would also not have to fly coach ever again. 

The sad thing about having a beach vacation just two weeks after Christmas is that once it’s over, winter yawns wide.  I woke up this morning to a dusting of snow and slick streets.  And in my 14th floor office I look out over the landscape and sigh that spring is a long ways away. 

— Mox  

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