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I recently received an invoice from Spawn’s school for the tuition.  On it, there was a past due amount.  I was puzzled, because I paid it.  I know I did.  I checked my check register, and sure enough, there was a check to Spawn’s school for the tuition.  I checked with my bank, and the check had not been cashed. 

I have been sending my tuition payment to school in Spawn’s school folder.  Spawn’s class has a routine every morning.  Each child comes in and unloads their backpack and folder, and puts all the paperwork in designated spots — homework to be graded, books to be returned, items for the teacher.  Spawn has been putting these things into the proper spots since school began.  So I quizzed the kid, and the kid swore that if there was an envelope it would have gotten to the teacher. 

My husband asked me what we were doing entrusting a six-year-old to deliver a tuition check to the school, and I really didn’t have an answer for him, other than I’ve always sent the check to school this way.  Never was a problem before.  And if it ain’t broke why fix it. 

My husband just shook his head.  I know there are things that I do that baffle him, and this is one of them. 

I do see his point but right now I am unwilling to admit it. 

— Mox

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