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Spawn does not, in the pediatrician’s opinion, have ADHD. 

So heave a big ol’ sigh of relief on that one. 

But with an asterisk.  The assessment forms that Spawn’s pediatrician had both me and the teacher to fill out were pretty closely mirrored on our answers.  However, there weren’t enough indicators for ADHD to form a definitive answer that yes this is the issue.  A definitive answer would have been to score 6 out of 9 in a couple of key areas, and the score for Spawn was 4 out of the 9 in those areas.  But the pediatrician also wants to keep an eye on things for another three months, to see how the kid is progressing in school.  So we will watch behavior patterns, grades, self esteem, and so forth.  If we start to see more marked degradation of these things then we’ll revisit the issue. 

Which is to say, yay, no need for medication.  No labeling.  But also, the conclusion the pediatrician came up with is that this is a behavioral issue. 

So now it’s all back on my shoulders.  What is it that I have done/am doing in raising this child that makes the kid so spacey, defiant, fidgety, argumentative?  Spawn has always been a very active child, very bold and intense and exhausting.  Is it my parenting, is it my laxness in some areas, that has created this specific monster?  Am I responsible in some way for the issues that we’re dealing with now?  Too much coddling?  Not enough discipline? 

I just don’t know. 

— Mox

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Everything’s broken

About a week before our vacation, I walked into the kitchen and noticed a huge puddle of water under the kitchen table.  Ordinarily there’s not a puddle of water in my kitchen floor, so I started tracing the root of the problem.  Verdict:  my icemaker was leaking.  After fiddling around with it for most of the day, my husband and father decided they had it fixed.  And sure enough, it was fixed, at least from the standpoint that it wasn’t leaking from the supply hose any longer.  But the next day, I was greeted with an ice floe in my freezer.  The menfolk may have stopped the water from leaking down the outside, backside of the fridge, but now the problem was inside the freezer compartment and it was creating an iceberg worthy of the Titanic. 

I went downstairs, shut off the water supply to the icemaker, and pulled out my old fashioned ice cube trays.  And that is how we have been operating for the past three weeks.  The problem being, only one of us seems to know how to fill up the trays.  Which is why we have an icemaker in the first place. 

See the problem there? 

And then of course our water woes aren’t over.  The very night we got back from vacation, I discovered that Spawn’s bathroom tub drain was leaking into the basement.  So I asked my husband to see what he could do about it, and the result was an even bigger leak.  Because the man has many talents, but plumbing is not among them. 

Night before last, I reached over to turn on the ceiling fan in my bedroom (because I am the lazy sort, I have a remote controlled ceiling fan) (I highly recommend them) and discovered that where previously I had three speeds of airflow, I was now reduced to two:  lazy and barely moving. 

Now my father has another home improvement project, in a home he does not live in. 

This is of course after he has fixed my vacuum cleaner.  When we got home there was a note from our cleaning lady (god that makes me sound so bourgeois) saying that the vacuum had just stopped working.  Turns out the plug was bad, likely from having it ripped out of the wall socket rather than being unplugged like the owner’s manual recommends it should be.  Go figure. 

And then there is the matter of the beautiful glass globe filled with seashells and sand that I purchased on my trip and had shipped to me to avoid getting it broken on the airplane.  What do you think I received?  Right.  I’ve already filed a claim with the carrier, and I’m trying to get a replacement. 

When it rains, it pours, folks. 

— Mox

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I knew that the week following my vacation would be a case of hit-the-ground-running, and so far I have not been wrong.  Not only am I working, I am also once again Sole Parent In Charge, with responsibility for swimming lessons, dance/taekwondo studio, parent-teacher conference, pediatrician appointment, and daily homework.  Plus my own calendar, which includes a meeting at church, a dentist appointment, salon appointment, and the usual grocery shopping and laundry to keep up on. 

And did I mention?  My office is preparing to move to a new location in two weeks.  So there’s the packing and the purging. 

Last week I found myself wondering who I’d be if I lived at the beach. 

There is a certain amount of “keeping up appearances” that you do when you live in your hometown.  People know you, relative of who your parents are, of where you work, where you went to college, where you live.  So you try to fit, to some extent, into the view that people have of you.  It’s a role that you help to write for yourself, and it’s enforced by working to maintain people’s expectations of who/what you are.  And maybe that’s silly or just plain wrong, but most of us do it to some extent. 

The temptation of vacation is this:  to bail on your old life and start over. 

I guess we all have these contingency plans in the backs of our heads, those “what-if” scenarios that we dream up.  If I were to walk away from my life, where would I go?  What would I do?  Who would I be?  It would be mighty tempting to get a simple job that requires no thinking, just working for the paycheck and having no responsibility.  Go back to my efficiency apartment, change clothes, and live my life. I could happily be a beachcomber. 

I entertain these fantasies every so often.  Like when I’m faced with a week of constant running. 

But now that I’m home, I’m reacquainting myself with the various responsibilities and people I need to deal with on a daily basis.  I’m being reminded that while there’s no place like home, there’s also nothing like a break from reality, too. 

— Mox

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Miss me?

We landed safe and sound yesterday afternoon, back in the land of corn and beans, pleasantly surprised to find that the weather was gorgeous and warmish but not hot.  A week spent with various relatives had us pining for home, with our own beds, our own bathrooms, and our own kitchen.  We needed to get away, and we needed to come back. 

Oh, I could live just fine down there at the beach, provided that I didn’t ever have to work. 

But as luck would have it, we did not hit the lottery while we were there, even though we did play.  So I have to work.  And that is what I am doing today. 

The bad thing about taking vacation is that you work like a slave to get ahead before you leave, and then you come back to find that you have to work like a slave to catch up.  If you ever need proof that the world goes on without you, look at the shitpile of mail on your kitchen table when you come back from vacation. 

But I am back, and I’m trying very hard to catch up today, so verbosity will have to wait. 

What happened in your world while I was away? 

— Mox

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Last day.


Today is my last day at my second job.  I am chomping at the bit to get out. 

It’s also my last day of work, period, for a week.  Tomorrow I jet away to the beach, and boy do I need this break. 

I expect to return to you in ten days, sunburnt, sore, broke, hung over, and maybe with a tattoo. 

Until then, keep my seat warm for me. 

EDITED TO ADD:  I just checked the 10-day forecast for my destination.  Rain!  Every day!  Some days more than others!  So, maybe not so much sunburnt as hung-over.  I don’t care.  At least I’m not going to be here. 

— Mox

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Conversation with my mother last night: 

So Spawn’s school is doing a “Blessing of the Animals” service tomorrow night at 6.  Of course Spawn wants to take all six cats.

(Sidebar:  yes, six cats.  We’ve inherited one more somehow.) 

Well, I think you should at least go.

I’m not hauling six cats to a blessing ceremony. 

What if you just took one? 

And which one would I take? 

Oh, I don’t know, what about Cat #1?

Mother, with that cat, it’d be an exorcism, not a blessing. 

— Mox

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It just occurred to me that today is Wednesday.  Here I’ve been racing about thinking it’s Thursday. 

Looks like I’m a day early and a couple dollars short. 

And that’s really all I’ve got today. 

— Mox

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