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I have officially been 40 for a month now.  I’m starting to get used to it. 

The booze and chocolate help. 

I knew going into the month of September that it would be balls to the wall for the whole month, and it was.  And ordinarily I like the month of September.  I like the way it’s spelled, I like the birthstone for the month, I like the way the weather finally breaks and becomes tolerable again.  I look forward to getting out in the garden again, cleaning up the detritus of a brutal summer and preparing for spring.  I usually plant a lot of bulbs in September.  The frenzy of summer is behind me and Indian Summer is setting in.  September is always a good month for me. 

This of course presumes that I have plenty of downtime during September. 

It seems like this time, though, September was over before it even started.  I attribute that to Spawn’s burgeoning social calendar, the fact that I’ve been working two jobs, and the fact that my husband was out of town for the bulk of the month.  I ran myself ragged. 

So now it’s October.  Today is my dad’s 72nd birthday, although he prefers the term “anniversary” over “birthday” which is a little weird but I love him anyway.  I have the best dad in the world, by the way. 

And I’ve got four more days before I take to the friendly skies on my way to the beach.  I’ve already started packing. 

— Mox

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