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Radio Silence

I’m in kind of a weird place this week. 

My boss left for 10 days’ vacation on Saturday.  Which means I’ve got the office (at Job #1) to myself this week. 

My parents left yesterday for a trip, they won’t be back until Friday. 

My husband is spending the next two weeks on the road, so chances are I won’t see much of him all week. 

My best friend unhooked her internet to keep her pothead son from IMing about how to make bubble hash (yes I looked it up and I now know what that is, god I am so whitebread I know), and email is the primary way we keep in touch with one another, so I haven’t heard a peep from her. 

Ordinarily I enjoy being alone.  But there’s alone and there’s ALONE. 

Of course there’s Spawn.  It’ll just be me and Spawn this week.  And I love the kid and relish the time we spend together, but the fact is that the kid is six and six will only take you so far. 

I’m of two minds about this.  First of all, there’s a bit of anticipation to being me this week, that whole “doing my own thing” thing that I really haven’t had much of since, oh, college.  But I’ve gotten so used to the ebb and flow of my life with its’ cast of characters that it feels a little like the rug has been pulled out from under me. 

The hedonism that would ordinarily accompany the gaping maw of alone time will be dialed back in favor of homework, soccer, and 8 o’clock bedtimes.  Which is no fun, to be sure, but my lot in life now that I go by the name of Mom.  Oh, the solitary thrill of spending a couple of unhurried hours at the bookstore.  The chance to take myself to a movie.  A pleasant evening sitting at the bar.  An opportunity to walk my daily four miles in the cooling night air, just me and my ipod.  Having the TV clicker all to myself. 

Oh, the pleasures of my old life.  How I miss thee. 

I suppose what makes these things so pleasurable, though, is the fact that they are rarities.  I don’t know if a day-in-day-out existence like that would be nearly as pleasing.  Probably not.  Especially in consideration of how full my life feels in its’ current state. 

— Mox

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