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I am now a soccer mom.

After two weeks of postponements due to the weather, Spawn had that all-important first soccer game last night. 

If you’ve never seen five- and six-year-olds try to play soccer, you need to make a point of it.  It’s a riot. 

The Y league that Spawn is in doesn’t require cleats, and gives you the uniform, and all I had to buy was a pair of shinguards.  Now, Spawn has little birdy legs, so the shinguards and socks beefed those legs up nicely. 

My husband surprised me by participating for a change.  Normally he’s a hands-off parent, choosing to let me handle the various activities that Spawn is into, mostly because I’m the one available with any consistency.  I try to be understanding that his job demands a lot of his time, but I still get resentful that I’m the one “doing it all” while he’s decompressing in front of the TV. 

But last night my husband not only came to the game, he got into the coaching of it, too.  Yes, he was one of those parents. 

In a way I know I shouldn’t be so surprised, since my husband is such a sports nut and this is the first really sport-like activity that Spawn has been involved in.  But he was a wild man on the sidelines, shouting encouragement and instruction and at one point I had to tell him to back off and let the coach do his job. 

It was a lot more fun that I had anticipated.  I can’t wait until next week. 

— Mox  

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