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Thus far, I have called every age that Spawn’s been through, “the best”.  And it’s true, I’ve enjoyed every age and stage so far. 

So far. 

Now we’re dealing with being mouthy.  And I am not enjoying it. 

Now, I don’t remember being particularly mouthy as a kid.  Mainly because I was terrified that my parents would kill me if I got too out of hand.  But also, I didn’t have other kids around to lead me astray in the attitude department. 

Spawn has been with peers all summer, and it shows. 

In most cases, the infractions we’re dealing with are more in tone than choice of words, but if I hear “oh, come on” out of that kid’s mouth any more, I might have to come unglued.  Spawn has also been channeling that inner teenager, the one who rolls eyes and sighs heavily and is generally inordinately put-upon by the very uncool adults.  All of that breathing of the air and blinking of the eyes is just SO TAXING. 

Another thing we’re hearing is “ain’t”.  While I realize that I’m just as country as the next person around here, I know when to apply “ain’t” and when it ain’t proper.  That’s something the kid has yet to learn.  At this point I don’t see any wisdom in heading into a school year with bad grammar sticking out. 

If we can just get through this little attitudinal rough spot, I’m sure the pleasures of having a six year old will become evident again. 

— Mox


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