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My husband and I decided yesterday that this week’s work schedule is damn near perfect… work two days, off one day, work two days, off two days.  Kind of like a little palate-cleanser.  If we could work that sort of schedule and pull down six figures, our troubles would be over. 

We had the kind of Fourth that was something of a wonderful cliche:  sleeping in, puttering around the house for a couple of hours, buying a ridiculous amount of fireworks, a couple of hours in the pool, grilling out, shooting off fireworks, and capping off the day by going to our community fireworks display. 

I got to spend a couple of glorious hours floating around on a pool float yesterday.  It’s obvious that I have an indoor job, because my blinding white flesh was signaling satellites in orbit.  Yes, I am sunburned today.  Spawn, however, is as brown as a biscuit, a result of spending at least three days a week at the community pool pretty much all summer long.  Ah, the life of a six-year-old. 

It’s nice to step back and enjoy life every once in a while. 

— Mox


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